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What is Bannersnack?

I first discovered Bannersnack in 2019 when I was in the middle of a substantial graphic design assignment. I was working directly with a designer to get a banner set complete in ten different sizes. The images would be used across the Google Display network. Bannersnack is an online banner maker that can truly be a one-stop marketing solution for anybody who works directly with Google Ads.

This program allows for the user to select an individual size or multiple sizes at once, creating a design set. In just a click of a button, the entire Google Display size specifications can be selected. Once the sizes are selected, there are many themes to work from. If necessary to start from scratch, this is an option too.

Within the platform, there are many options for banner customization. Bannersnack provides the most expected options from call-to-action buttons of all shapes and sizes, to headline text, and background images.

Static & Animation

Another unique aspect of the program is it allows for animation to be created with the banner. However, tread lightly with an animated advertisement as previous A/B tests have proven static ads to be more effective.

In short, Bannersnack is truly a one-stop marketing solution for any digital marketer who works on Facebook ads, Google Display ads, or any other form of banner ads.

Not sure if you are ready to purchase a subscription? Not to worry. Bannersnack offers a free membership which will provide enough to decide whether or not the app is a good fit for your collection.

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