How To Create an Effective Facebook Ad

How To Create an Effective Facebook Ad

How to create an effective Facebook Ad

If you manage a company Facebook page, you may have stumbled upon an option to “Boost” one of your posts with a Facebook promise to reach thousands and thousands of people who otherwise wouldn’t see the post. Although this is true, being that your post will reach many more people than posting organically, you may not see any results from promoting the post. For example, if you are promoting a weekend sale with a post, the rate of people who will show up from it will be much lower than if you create the ad manually.

This is a step-by-step guide to show you how to create an effective Facebook ad.

How To Create an Effective Facebook Ad

Step 1. Head over to the Facebook Ads Manager.

Once logged in, you will be directed to a dashboard, which is where you will be able to see the results from all of your future ad campaigns.

Step 2. Click “Create” on the top left of the dashboard.

Step 3. Choose your objective.

Facebook has 11 different options when choosing an objective. These options help Facebook to better understand your ad goals. If you’re trying to drive potential customers to your website, select the “Traffic” option.

Step 4. Create Audience

Next, we are going to create an Audience for the advertisement. The thermometer bar on the right is a tool that helps to show an estimation of how many people you will reach. If you don’t add enough filters, the bar will be far to the right. This means that your audience is too broad. The trick is usually to finding the hot spot, somewhere in the middle, or even slightly to the left.

Facebook allows you to determine your target audience through interests, job titles, age, location, and many other ways. At this point, most people have a general idea of who their target market is. If not, I encourage you to do some research before wasting money on advertisements.

Step 5. Choose Placements

If you want to learn how to create an effective Facebook ad, you must understand how placements can impact your results. Facebook recommends that you choose “Automatic Placements” but I like to stick with feeds and stories.

Step 6. Setting Your Budget

Determine how much you would like to spend. Facebook will give you options to choose the duration of the ad. For an ad that’s intended to stay up for a while, I generally choose “Ongoing” and evaluate how the ad is doing after a week or two.

Step 7. Create Ad

You’re going to want to find an image that represents whatever it is that you are promoting. For a collection of free images, I like to use Pixabay. Find an image that stands out among the rest. Make sure it’s high quality.

Find an image that has little-to-no text. We are going to use the header and text space to provide any information needed. You will also make sure to follow the Facebook requirements which are:

  • Text: 125 characters

  • Ad Headline: 25 characters

  • Image ratio: 1.91:1

  • Image resolution (including CTA): 1080 x 1080 pixels

Once you have uploaded the image/images, write a catchy headline and enter more information about your company/products/services in the text box.

Step 8. Publish

Congratulations, you have made your own Facebook Ad. It’s now time to publish your masterpiece. Facebook will review the ad, and if all is well in the neighborhood, you will receive a notification within the hour when the ad is live. If not, they will tell you what changes need to be made and you will be able to go in and fix it. 

If you would like to be taught in greater detail how to create an effective Facebook ad, reach out!

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