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#1 Way To Dominate The Marketing Funnel

Within the modern marketing funnel of today’s world, there is one consistent element at play while trying to get users to click, engage and convert. This element is strong content. However, there are some common problems that marketers run into while trying to utilize content to optimize their channels and campaigns towards their KPI’s.

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For one, the content has to feel organic to the user. If a user clicks onto a landing page where they are bombarded with CTA’s and obvious sale callouts, it won’t take long for them to figure out that they are being pitched to buy something as opposed to genuinely becoming interested in the content that they wanted to engage with in the first place.

For the most part, content should be leveraged as an upper funnel play that propels users into their “journey” of becoming a customer. Because of this, it can’t be emphasised enough that regardless of the medium in which your content is distributed (Video, imagery, blog post, etc.) that it focuses more so on the needs of the customer…or it creates a need that they did not realize they had.

This is not to say that certain content cannot be used in later stages of the marketing funnel, it absolutely should. However, in a more direct response setting the style of the content can start to mend into more conversion friendly elements such as customer reviews, third party validation and strong product claims.

Also, research and study your audience as much as possible so that your content can not only be catered towards them, but so that you know where to hit them with it. For instance, if you are targeting an older demographic, focus less on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, and instead focus your budgets on strategies such as Content Discovery platforms and Facebook, to name a couple.

The final takeaway from this brief summary, make sure your content rocks the socks off your target market.


Written by Tom Horak, Digital Marketer at Babbel



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