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Around the same time that Google became a verb synonymous with looking something up, a window of opportunity opened up for businesses to reach new potential customers easier. Within Google Ads are a number of campaign types including Video (Youtube), Display (Banner Ads), Search (Keyword-focused) and now Shopping (Products.) Before getting started, it’s important to understand which campaign types will be most effective in order to reach your company goals efficiently.

Search Campaigns

With most Google searches that imply the user may be trying to make a purchase, each of the first few pages will include advertisements. Companies spend money on these ads because, simply put, they work. If the user searches “emergency plumber near me” and a company offers those services in the same area, the company can bid to be the very first thing a user sees. The user will read the ad copy, and quickly decide to either call, visit the company site, or keep scrolling. The best part is the company only pays if the user takes an action on the ad, hence the term Pay-per-cick.

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Video Campaigns

Youtube Video ads can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and generate leads for your business. With setting up ads for Youtube, a company can decide exactly where the ads will be placed, who the ads will show up for and when they will show up. One of the positive characteristics of these ad campaigns is the cost per view is low. As a result, a small amount of ad spend can go a long way. Video campaigns are just some of the many campaign types we offer at our Austin PPC Management agency.

Display Campaigns

Another popular campaign type within the Google Ads platform is Display. Google partners up with tons of websites for blocks of space for advertisements. If you’re scrolling the internet, and see a banner advertisement with a blue triangle in the corner, this ad is coming from Texas Google Ads. Much like Video campaigns, the cost of running Display ads is on the lower end. In order to generate a display campaign, the images need to be created. Google offers a “Smart Display” setting where the images can be built right from the platform.

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Google Ad Grants For Nonprofits

Did you know Google offers up to $10,000/month in ad spend for qualifying nonprofit organizations? Many grant application processes can be time consuming and difficult. The process can take several months. Fortunately, the Google Grants application process is fast and requires very little information.

To qualify for this program, an organization needs to be an eligible nonprofit according to IRS requirements. An organization also needs to have a strong website. These are the two main requirements.

We work with Nonprofit Organizations to help navigate the application process and discover how to build the best campaign possible to generate solid results. 

Features of Google Ads Campaigns

There is no shooting in the dark here. If your business sells roofing services in Chicago, you can show up on top for roofing services in Chicago with Google Search. We use match types and negative keywords to minimize wasted ad spend. That way, when somebody searches “how do I start a roofing company in Chicago”, your ad is nowhere to be found.

Manage your budget and have it allocated across all ads. With Manual CPC, set individual bids for each keyword. This is extremely helpful for Google Ads campaign optimization.

Ad extensions are placed on Google Ads campaigns to include pertinent information like addresses, phone numbers, promotions, and lead forms.

Locations can be targeted as small as the zip code. If certain zip codes are more valuable, bid adjustments can be made to reflect that.

Get Help with PPC Management

If you’re interested in exploring how Google Ads may be helpful for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help you through the process from start to finish, and offer affordable long-term campaign management options.

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About Us

We are a full-service digital marketing company based in Austin, Texas, primarily focused on PPC management Since 2019, we have been providing digital solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our clients stem from a wide range of industries including Retail, Local Services, Home Services, and Manufacturing. With our results-driven approach and creative strategies, we have been able to effectively help companies strengthen and develop. Whether you are considering asking for project-based assistance or Austin ppc management, we encourage you to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Ads

The cost of Google Ads varies greatly depending in industry, company size, number of campaigns, and objectives. For example, addiction treatment centers may pay $50/click to show up on top in a Search Campaign. However, other campaigns like Display and Video can cost the same center under $5/click. The average cost-per-click across all industries is around $2.

When each new campaign is launched, a 7 day learning period takes effect. This is a period where Google learns the strategy of the campaign. During this period results may be limited. However, it’s not uncommon to start getting conversions as early as within the first 24 hours.

No. There are some industries and company types that Google has restricted from using their ads platform. Some of these include: computer repair, academic cheating services, explosives (of course), and recreational drugs. These categories are prohibited from running ads on Google. 

Some business categories are eligible but with limitations. For instance, addiction treatment centers must apply for a LegitScript certification to determine eligibility. The application costs money and the Legitscript application process can take several months before LegitScript approves or denies the application.

The Google Ads platform offers a dedicated page for Conversions. This is an area, located within the Tools & Settings, where the user can set up conversion tracking. At Ollie, we use Google Tag Manager to streamline this process and ensure the code doesn’t interfere with the speed of the website. 

Google Partners is a program for ad agencies or third-party companies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other businesses. Google Partners rewards members with various incentives including exclusive account support and certification badges. These badges can be displayed on a website to show legitimacy.

For comprehensive Google Ads management services, we charge $1,500 for the first 30 days and $500/month thereafter. The initial 30 day period includes conversion tracking setup, campaign setup, keyword research, and a complimentary google ads management training.

For many small businesses, Google Ads is worth the time and money spent. Most companies are able to quickly find a positive return on ad spend.

There is no universal correct answer for which bidding strategy is best. Your optimal bidding strategy will be the option that best meets your marketing goals.

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