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Social Media Ads

Depending on the type of company, Social Media ads can be an extremely impactful source for growth. Social Media advertising pertains to ads that are run on major social media platforms. Some of the most common are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tiktok.

Are Social Media Ads Meant For My Company?

If you have already visited our section about Google Search campaigns, you may remember that we mentioned Search campaigns being great for companies that provide a service. In addition, Social Media ads tend to work better for businesses that sell products. We have also seen strong results with innovative companies that are introducing a new product or service to the world. Even so, it can be difficult to determine whether your company is a good fit for these campaign types.


Through applications like the Facebook Pixel, companies have been able to build campaigns to specifically target users who have taken specific actions on a website. You have probably seen this happen to you. Have you ever been shopping around online then seen the same product being served to you in an advertisement? This is remarketing. It’s an effective tactic especially for products or services that take consideration before purchasing.

Get Started With Social Media Ads

We have been providing Texas social media marketing support for years. With every project, we aim to achieve the best results for our clients.

If you are still unsure if Social Media ads can be helpful for your company, let us know. We are always more than able to jump on a call and share our experience and insight.

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